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51º South was born within a dimly lit pub in Chicago, out of sincere admiration and respect for a tiny rural island culture at the bottom of the globe. At the time, it was believed the remarkable, everyday human stories of the Falkland Islands were not being told. So two young gentlemen–friends, colleagues and filmmakers, packed the back of their Land Rover Defender and set out on a journey that would in the end span over 16,000 miles to change that.

This collaboration by Jamie Gallant and Vern Cummins, set out to chronicle from an intimate, inside perspective, the daily lives of individuals who construct the patchwork of this truly unique culture. A culture that, no matter how small, challenging or remote its existence may be, continues to command the attention of nations around the world. This is the Falklands, the heart races. Survey the horizons and take a breath. There is a stirring in the sea, redemption in the hills. Relentless winds leave a salted taste of complexity that is at times indescribable, undefinable and yet utterly exhilarating. Moments of stillness will come. Like that peaceful moment when the springboard suddenly pushes back. It feels good and you dive in.

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